Charles Goodnight and the Lonesome Dove

Proclaimed as one of the greatest westerns of all time, Lonesome Dove was a TV series  based on the book Lonesome Dove, written by Larry McMurtry, a 1986 Pulitzer prize winning novel. Produced by Motown Productions, Lonesome Dove was broadcast on CBS in 1989. It starred Robert Duvall as Augustus McCrae, Tommy Lee Jones as Woodrow F. Call, Rick Schroder as Newt, Diane Lane as Lorena Wood, Danny Glover as Joshua Deets, Robert Urich as Jake Spoon, Anjelica Huston as Clara Allen, Frederic Forrest as Blue Duck, Chris Cooper as July Johnson, and Barry Corbin as Roscoe Brown. The majority of the miniseries was filmed at the Moody Ranch located seven miles south of Del Rio, Texas. Other locations used for filming, were ranches, in Texas and New Mexico. Real ranch horses were used for authenticity during the filming of the movie.The basic story is a slightly fictionalized account of Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving’s cattle drive. In particular, Loving (Gus) was attacked by Indians, and died several weeks later of blood poisoning with Goodnight (Call) at his side. Goodnight honored Loving’s dying request to be taken back to Texas for burial.

Captain Augustus “Gus” McCrae and Captain Woodrow F. Call look similar to Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight.

Synopis of Lonesome Dove: Retired Texas Rangers Gus McRae and Woodrow Call are content to live out their remaining years in the tiny Texas town of Lonesome Dove. Then their old friend Jake comes to town, and tells them about the incredible opportunities for cattle ranching in Montana. Encouraged by this, Call convinces Gus and many other townspeople to go on a perilous cattle drive to Montana. Gus has another agenda though: his former sweetheart now lives in Nebraska, and he hopes for a second chance with her. As the drive goes on it takes on an epic scale, ultimately becoming what could well be called the central event in the lives of all involved.

Scene from Lonesome Dove

Click link above to see a clip of Lonesome Dove above.

Lonesome Dove book cover


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