The Press Kit

By Nicholas Neppach

For the Goodnight project Kristen Mulvihill a student in our class is putting together a press release, she is also working on the magazine re-prints, and putting our press kits together. Kristen is a sophomore mass media major, English minor from Coppell, Texas. For those who do not know a press release is a short, compelling news story that is sent to targeted members of the media. The goal of the press release is pique the interest of the journalist or publication. It contains essential information such as who, what where, when, how, and why? This press release talks about the grand opening of the house, the buffalo returning to the ranch, and the visitor’s center opening in April of 2013.

Kristen is also working on the magazine re-prints which all have different articles about Charles Goodnight and his ranch. These articles are from several different western magazines. Part of Kristen’s work also includes putting together our press kit. A press kit which is also referred to as a media kit, is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials that are distributed to members of the media for promotional use; they are used to announce a release. The press kit will include the magazine re-prints, the press release, photos, facts sheets and several other things. Kristen has been working with the print shop here at Hardin-Simmons University throughout this process for about three weeks now. The total length of time it will take Kristen to finish the Press Kit and all that goes in it is about one month.


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