Kellie’s Woodcut Print

By: Kellie Reid

The focus of my print will be on the Charles Goodnight Ranch and the buffalo. In my print I have a buffalo drinking from the lake on the Goodnight Ranch with the Goodnight house in the background. In the distance you can see other buffalo grazing and the entirety of the ranch. I chose this composition because I want the viewer to feel as if they were there on the ranch during its prime.

I started with this idea in mind and created a rough sketch. I then took a picture of a buffalo, one I took myself at the zoo, and used it as a reference for the main idea. I started drawing the final draft of the picture in pencil. When I was satisfied with the finished sketch, I took a marker and began drawing a black and white study, the black indicated where the wood will be carved and the white will be inked.

CLick here to see the progress!


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