Wyman Meinzer

Wyman Meinzer, the one and only “Official Photographer of The State Of Texas”!

Wyman Meinzer talks about the photos in his book, Inspiration Texas Style.

Meinzer truly captures the beauty and wildness of West Texas.

Wyman Meinzer came last week, on October 5th, to the grand opening of the Charles Goodnight house and visitor’s center to sign copies of A Man for All Ages: The Charles Goodnight Legacy.  Together with Byron Price, the author, Meinzer captured the spirit and legacy of Charles Goodnight with his photography. Some of the proceeds of the book will be given to the Charles Goodnight Historical Center.

Charles Goodnight Historical Center opens to public Saturday | Amarillo Globe-News.

Wyman Meinzer developed a passion for photography while studying Wildlife Management at Texas Tech University. His teacher assigned the class to take pictures of  wild species and after Meinzer had his first real taste of photography, he was in love with the camera ever since.  His work has been recognized by The Smithsonian, National Geographic, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, Audubon, Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Highways, BBC Wildlife and many other publications. He has also been recently inducted into the Frontier Times Texas Hall of Heroes. He enjoys capturing the essence of Texas and all of its flora and fauna. He is dedicated to his work and he never stops hunting for the perfect shot.

Meinzer’s photography makes anyone feel as if they are truly there. So much so that you can almost feel the wind blowing through the blades of grass.

“Our only hope was in going ahead…we pushed on without rudder or compass, the melancholy truth visible in almost every face that we were lost among the wilderness prairies of the west…” The Texas/Santa Fe Expedition, George W. Kendall Journal, August 15, 1841. Photo taken 3.5 miles west of Benjamin at or near the location where Kendall made his journal entry on August 15, 1841.

Photo copied from Wyman Meinzer’s blog

My favorite photo from Wyman Meinzer’s is this one:

It almost makes you believe that rattlesnake is about to jump through the screen and get you.

For more information about Wyman Meinzer and his work, click this link to Meinzer’s website here: Wyman Meinzer website

To buy a copy of the book, A Man for All Ages: The Charles Goodnight Legacy, click here: The Charles Goodnight Historical Center


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