Students’ Artwork

By Nicholas Neppach

Kellie Reid is a student in our class who is doing the artwork for this project. She is a junior at Hardin-Simmons University, and a graphic design major. Kellie enjoys drawing in her free time and wants to study animation with her degree. She is doing a woodcut print of the buffalo and the Goodnight ranch. Her artwork will go in the visitor center, which is next to the restored Goodnight house. For Kellie to complete a woodcut print first she had to sketch her drawing on a piece of paper, then she transferred the sketch to wood drawing in pencil to make sure she got it exactly how she wanted it to look. Once the sketch was drawn on the wood, she cut out the print. What Kellie chose to cut away was the white, leaving the black on the wood to give it a stark contrast to display her design. The total process will have taken Kellie about two weeks, the carving process of the wood alone will take a full week. Kellie has done woodcut prints before in previous classes here is one of her previous woodcut prints:

Kellie’s piece is not the only art that will be included in the visitor center.  This whole project was started in 2006 and other students’ artwork from 2006 to 2012 will be included. Mr. Steve Neves has helped guide these students with their artwork. Here is some of the previous students artwork that may be in the visitor center:

The visitor center will be open for regular hours in April of 2013 where the artwork of these students and other artwork will be available.


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